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The focus that health needs

An innovative platform that aims to maximize performance and simplify the lives of everyone involved in the hospital environment, aggregating and linking the information that is dispersed across multiple platforms.

Our approach, your vision

More than a software, Viewer is a platform for healthcare professionals, for an agile approach to patient care.

Centered on data aggregation, analysis and outcomes.
Highly interoperable among all relevant applications along the care-path and want to reach the potential of effective information usage.
Viewer follows a user-centric approach, It consolidates the crucial information for the professional presenting it at the right time, in the right place.

What you will get from us

Working side by side

Encouraging collaboration and communication between everyone as a whole. Work among a diverse group of people, with different skills and backgrounds, always reveal new fresh ideas and faster innovation.


Our commitment to our workplace and industry is clear in our daily actions, behavior, willingness to help, and in the quality of our work. we believe in a new vision for health and we are committed to working with our customers and partners to deliver new solutions and approaches.


We have decades of experience in the health sector. We are taking advantage of continuous learning and evolved through the past lessons. Make meaningful products is hard and needs practice!

Continuous inovation

Our world is constantly evolving, therefore we have tolerance for change and ability to transition. We work in gradual evolution of existing technologies, services or products.

A new approach to health

Healthcare is moving forward and we are changing to be part of this evolution. By combining, strategy, technology and user research we intend to bring new approaches to our stakeholders.

The information that matters, at the moment that matters most.

Our solution according to your context

Viewer Glintt

We work as a team to create the best solution

Interoperable data
Clinical Database Repository that use standard FHIR to exchange health information electronically.

New business models
We work to bring different ways to work, to care and provide healthcare services.

Digital Transformation
We wanted to move to the next level and use the combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language
processing to provide guidance in real-time care and transit to personalised medicine.

Work and human relations
A balance between virtual and technology approach and a trusted and close clients relationship.

General Data Protection Regulation
As healthcare technology we carry on to improve, portability, security, and accessibility. We advocate a greater integrity and etic in the use of healthcare information.

Viewer Glintt

Scrum Methodology 
Quicker release iterations in order to maximize team productivity and deliver more value to the users.

Automation Test Process 
Testing our software is every stage is a major concern. In a multidisciplinary effort, automation test process is implemented to make sure that every feature is tested.

User centric approach 
Understanding our user needs is key. Always focus on the healthcare professionals to improve their experience.

Performance improvement
Focus in outcome, measure and monitor.

Continuous Integration
Applying strong DevOps practices for faster and easier product delivery process.

A new concept of health
Invest in care to prevention and well-being.

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